This will be another adventure.

I think this one could be most easily converted to a play by post, as it is only 4 or so encounters. Additionally, this would be an excellent opportunity for everyone to try something a bit different. I am instituting some variant rules to aid in the fact that there is a bunch of water in the adventure.

Firstly, it takes place on an archipelago, with apex predators tending to be “large” sized and larger. Additionally, most races are small, so grippli, goblins, gnomes, halflings, humans, oread and sylph only. The last 3 races are each of medium size.

Second, the acceptable classes will be limited to:
*Barbarian (armor list [AL] C),
*Bard (AL B),
*cleric (AL C),
*druid (AL C),
*fighter (AL D),
*ranger (AL C),
*rogue (AL B),
*sorcerer (AL A),
*oracle (AL C),
*summoner (AL B), and
*witch (AL A).

The armor list thing is a variant on traditional armor class. Since this takes place in a very watery place, I would rather everyone not drown. Instead, there is an inherent armor bonus to each class that increases with level. This is similar to Star Wars Saga, and it follows that you may add the inherent armor bonus if you do not wear physical armor. If, however, you insist on wearing something physical (beyond clothing), you MUST take the bonus it provides. This does not extend to shields, and they can be figured into AC without sacrificing level bonus. However, heavy and tower shields do not exist in this campaign.

The armor list is found at this website. Armor Class (AC) will be figured as per standard otherwise.

For example, a level 1 human ranger with Dex modifier of +3, will have an AC of 17 (base 10 + level bonus 4 + Dex bonus 3 = 17) before adding in feat and/or shield bonuses. Another example, a level 5 gnome witch with Dex modifier of +1 would have an AC of 15 (base 10 + level bonus 3 + Dex bonus 1 + size bonus 1 = 15) before adding shield or feat bonuses.

If there are questions, let me know and I will make some sort of ruling on it, and post it for everyone to know.

Lastly, this adventure will start with level 5 characters. Start thinking on what you would like your character to be. I’ll take a look over them after everything is done. Keep in mind that basically ALL of the physical skills (the ones tied to Strength and Dexterity) are useful, along with Knowledge (nature, dungeoneering), Survival, Heal and Perception.

If you have questions let me know. If anyone doesn’t have a clue what they would want for a race or class, I’ll make up a character for you, or at least point you in a direction to go with one.

Naval, if you would rather not play, that’s fine, but I think you might enjoy this short adventure. Jayson, get Laura on here. I think she would dig it, too.

As a final note, this probably won’t begin until after October 1. I wouldn’t mind beginning sooner than that, but let me first get an idea what all this will entail. I need to start posting some maps for these sorts of things, too. In this case, I think it would be beneficial.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Island Escape!

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